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Paysite Review is a creator community for AI artists and enthusiasts. It allows you to create your own AI girls or guys or clone over 450,000 premade models and change their properties and parameters to your needs. The best thing that you can generate nude images of your dreamgirl or dreamguy with free account. For free account creation you will need only your email address (no credit card is needed). After confirming your address you will get full access to work of other free creators. The collection counts several hundreds of thousands of nude and non-nude images. With free account you will get free 25 credits every month. You can use maximum 5 credits a day and only 5 days a month. Which is enough for testing the features of! Offers Free 5 Credits a Day for AI Generation offers very detailed NSFW AI generator using latest artificial intelligence. You will simply write your new model name and title of the gallery. Then you will select image size – portrait or landscape and AI style, which means everything from anime and cartoon to very realistic photos of babes and guys. After it comes model age and gender. has for you these genders androgynous, female, female triplets, female twins, male, male triplets, male twins and transgendered. All other you can leave on the generator or you can set all the details you can think of. Then click WOWify button and the creation of your new character will start immediately!

Create or Clone Dreamgirls and Dreamguys

As I wrote at the beginning, the is a community. That means, you have your profile page and all you work can be viewed by other users. You can also share or like images and models of other creators. Even there are a lot of features for free. The main NSFW fun comes up with PRO membership. You will get 100 free AI generations a day, unlimited access to model creation, cloning and image generation. You can look forward to fully uncensored nudity. Unlimited storage for your AI generated projects, faster generation times and the images are larger and in bigger resolution. With PRO membership you will unlock the full potential of this NSFW AI generator. So, come inside and start to create you dreamgirls and dreamguys at!

Updates team works hard on new features and development to make the AI girlfriend generation faster and even more comfortable.

– 3 Day trial you can get for $4.95! Rebills at $24.95/month!
– Monthly subscription to PRO costs $24.95/month!
– 3 Month recurring membership you can buy for $54.95 quarterly!
– 6 Month recurring access is available for $99.95 half-yearly! Features List

Extra Features 
– Free account is available with no credit card needed!
– For free you can create up to 5 AI Photos Per Day (max 5 days per month)!
– Browse all images from other creators and enthusiasts.
– If you need more credits, you can upgrade to PRO membership.
– You can pay using your debit or credit card.
– Payment transactions are 100% secure and not traceable to AI porn!

PRO Membership Features
– Create and clone nude images with no censorship.
– Generate up to 100 AI photos per day.
– Ability to create own perfect girl or guy or clone any of 450,000 premade AI models and change their attributes.
– Enjoy all creation modes for tease, fantasy, NSFW, photorealistic, natural and more.
– Find you favorite babe and nudify her image with one click.
– Get larger images with higher resolution and unlimited storage.
– Speed up your AI image generation times.
– More privacy settings for your profile and browsing without ads.
– Access all new features and improvements before free users.

Free AI Girls Porn Samples from
Blonde AI Twins Hot AI Generated Brunette Redhead AI Girl Sample Image

Create your AI girl and bring her to online life at

Candy Review

Paysite Review is a NSFW AI generator. It allows you to create your own AI girlfriend, chat with her and make phone calls. Your new girl will also send you her teasing images, almost like a real girl. Candy AI can help you create realistic looking characters and anime or hentai style babes. If you are a woman, you can also create boyfriends, also anime and realistic. This AI girlfriend generator uses latest artificial intelligence models and machine learning to create images, voices and chats that look as realistic as possible. Best thing is that the generator allow NSFW images and chats! – Advanced NSFW AI Generator

With tool you can simply generate various female and male characters for your own pleasure and you can test it for free. You will only need email address to create free account. After confirming the email, you can start to become a creator. There is a simple, but detailed wizard that will lead you step by step through the process of creation. First screens are about your new AI girlfriend look, from ethnicity via age to body shape. Then you will choose personality (16 types with detailed description) and voice. Select your new girl occupation, hobbies, relationship, clothing and click “Bring My AI to Life“. In a few moments generates your new AI girlfriend! With free account you can generate only one character and ask her or him for one image.

Discover Your Own Perfect AI Girlfriend Match

NSFW AI Generator - Realistic and Anime Girls

If you want to chat or make phone calls with your Candy AI girlfriend, you will need to pay for premium membership, which starts at $12.99/month. Premium membership also allows you to generate more characters and their images, get faster response time and get 100 free Tokens every month. Tokens are used for generation of images. One image is for a couple of Tokens and you can buy more Tokens, if you spend them all. NSFW AI generator is able to create images of your girlfriend in various situations. You can ask your girlfriend for sending you images full of teasing in short skirt or topless pictures, sexy lingerie selfies or even fully nude butt photos. You can expect mostly soft erotic photos if we talk about NSFW photos, no hardcore stuff like blowjobs or intercourse.

Sexting, Phone Calls, Nude Images –

Other interesting features of are sexting, phone calls or voice messages. All this stuff is based on your AI girlfriend setup and you can look forward to real chat and phone calls created by latest artificial intelligence and machine learning mechanisms. The NSFW AI generator is constantly developing and evolving. The newest feature are phone calls. You can look forward to more interesting features in the near future. No matter if you like realistic or anime girls! Now is time to find your own perfect AI girlfriend match at!

Updates team is working hard on improvements and adds new features to develop a perfect AI girlfriend or boyfriend.

Candy AI Discount and Features

– has a Free Trial! (1 AI girlfriend and 1 image generation)
– First month of premium membership costs $12.99 (50% discount)! Then renews at $25.99/month!
– First year of premium access is available for $71.88 (75% discount)! Then rebills at $311.88/year!

Extra Features 
– Free account – only email address is needed for creation!
– With free trial you can create 1 anime or realistic girlfriend and generate one picture of her!
– Surf premade AI girls and guys to get inspiration for free!
– generator works also on tablet or mobile.
– You can pay for premium membership with Credit / Debit Card or Crypto Currency!
– Privacy in bank statement is a matter of course.

Premium Extras 
– You can create more than one AI girlfriend!
– Exchange unlimited text messages with your new partner!
– Every month with premium membership you will get 100 Free Tokens!
– Generate as much teasing images as your Token amount allows!
– Account upgrade removes blur from generated images!
– Make NSFW AI phone calls with your perfect girl or guy!
– Listen to voice messages with voice of your AI girlfriend!
– Get much faster response time than with free account!

Free AI Girlfriend Samples from
We have no free samples! But you can create free account and browse premade AI girlfriends or create your own perfect realistic or anime girl!
Candy - Realistic AI Girlfriends Candy - Anime AI Girlfriends

Build ideal AI girlfriend with the character you want at