Diva Foot Fetish

Diva Foot Fetish Paysite Review

Paysite Review 
Diva Foot Fetish is all about female and financial domination combined female soles worshiping. Meet busty princess Alex, bratty and spoiled girl, who loves to dominate men and have full control over them. Do not expect any romance or sweet words. There are only extreme fetish femdom and exact commands you have to obey. The main turn-ons and fetishes princess Alex loves are financial domination and foot worship. She has revealed your main weakness and she will use against you without any hesitations. Because you are the real submissive men with foot fetish. You become weak with your fetish for shoes, nylons, legs, feet and toes. Princess Alex will turn you into a mindless toy and her devoted foot boy!

Become Mindless Toy at Diva Foot Fetish

The dice are rolled! When you enter this porn site you are completely lost. But if you are into such bratty experiences you can fully enjoy the content. Start to worship princess Alex’s high arches, soft feet when she is dangling her perfect stiletto heel shoes and wearing expensive nylons. At the end you will be entirely her! Her foot boy! Back to reality! Unfortunately the website does not update and you will find inside only 22 feet worship and financial domination videos and several tens of photo sets. I recommend to use non-recurring membership for accessing the content. But the choice is only on you. Enjoy hot female domination and soles worshiping sessions with princess Alex at Diva Foot Fetish!

Diva Foot Fetish paysite doesn’t update anymore with new sole worship and findom videos.

– 1 Month recurring membership is available for $19.99/month!
– 35 Day access non-recurring with one-time payment costs $25.99!

Extra Features 
– Meet princess Alex who loves to dominate men. Enjoy her foot worship and female domination sessions!
– Diva Foot Fetish paysite has for you 21 femdom and findom videos and 66+ photo galleries.
– All feet fetish and femdom content is available for download without any limitations.
– Porn site is fully mobile and tablet devices compatible.
– For membership you can pay using your Credit Card, Paypal or Crypto Wallet.
– Payment transactions are secure and not traceable to female domination paysite!

Free Sole Model Porn Samples From Diva Foot Fetish
Worship me in my high heels and black nylons Black stockings for you my foot boy

Get financially dominated and worship hot soles of bratty babe at Diva Foot Fetish


Tyrannized Paysite Review

Paysite Review 
Tyrannized is a bizarre femdom paysite which brings on your screen cruel mistresses who love to rule everything in your sex life. Watch dominant babes training sex slaves to discipline. No matter if you are a guy or a girl or even a couple these mistresses will teach you how to obey. If no, they will punish your undisciplined behavior! Welcome to bizarre hell at Tyrannized! The problem is that they love to punish their subbies and you can be sure they know hot make a painful torture. And as you will see bondage, cuffed hands or whipping are only a holiday. They will use all possible tools and your pussy, breasts or cock and balls will be Tyrannized!

Tyrannized – Bizarre Discipline Training and Femdom

If you love femdom (female domination) you will probably like the Tyrannized paysite. Submissive girls, guys and couples are turned and trained to be a sex slave. Tyrannized site updates on weekly basis and has for you more than one hundred of femdom videos and photo galleries. First month is more expensive by the registration fee and they you will continue at $19.99/month. So, watch the bizarre discipline training and femdom scenes at BDSM paysite called Tyrannized!

Tyrannized paysite publishes new female domination videos on weekly basis.

– Monthly access is available for $19.99/month!
– But 1st Month costs $34.99 ($19.99 membership and $15 onetime signup fee)!

Extra Features 
– Enjoy bizarre male and female sex slave training full of femdom and discipline!
– Tyrannized porn site has for you 115+ femdom videos and the same count of photo galleries.
– All BDSM content is available for download to your hard drive without any limitations.
– Mobile and tablet compatibility is a matter of course.
– For membership you can pay using your Credit or Debit Card!
– Payments are secure and billing statement does not show anything about bizarre paysite!

Free Female Domination Porn Samples from Tyrannized 
We have no samples at the moment! You need to buy a subscription!
Tyranized Sex Slaves - Discipline Training - Bizarre Female Domination

Watch bizarre scenes full of sex slave training and discipline at Tyrannized

Peg Him

Peg Him Paysite Review

Paysite Review 
Peg Him porn site is all about bratty babes wearing strap-on dildos and giving their guys hardcore anal penetration. Female domination is for some of the guys really exciting. And pegging is a sexual technique where the classic penetration has gone. There is no dick landing in wet pussy, but only guys having their asses pumped with huge strap-on dildos. The babes here have no mercy and dominate their male sex slaves really. This acts of humiliation go much further. The guys are forced to behave like a female. They have to suck the dildos and take them like a real chicks! You can simply expect only female domination inside the collection!

Girls With Strap-on Give Hardcore Pegging

The porn site receives updates irregularly, but offers over 170+ femdom sex videos. And it seems like the pegging archive is only a filter of Sweet Femdom porn site. But if you like pegging that really does not matter. You can look forward to bonus access to entire Adult Prime network with some other female domination porn sites among other paysites! So, come inside and receive your hardcore strap-on female domination at Peg Him!

Peg Him receives new pegging sex videos inconsistently every few months. But don’t be afraid you can look forward to frequent network updates.

– 30 Day recurring access costs €19.99/month ($20.05)!
– 6 Month access is available for €89.94 ($91.15) half-yearly!
– 365 Days recurring subscription is for €119.88/year ($122.49)!

Extra Features 
– Membership includes automatically access to 27000+ porn videos from Adult Prime!
– The site collection offers now 175+ pegging sex videos and 175+ picture galleries.
– All female domination content is available for download without any limitations.
– Site is fully mobile devices compatible.
– You can pay using Credit Card, Paypal, Gift Cards or Crypto Currency.
– Payment transactions are 100% secure and not traceable to female domination paysite!

Free Pegging Femdom Porn Samples From The Paysite
Leigh Gives JJ the Sweet Dick in Bed Tommy's Hotel Fuck Toy

Watch sexy girls wearing a strap-on dildo to penetrate their partner anally at Peg Him

Cum Eating Cuckolds

Cum Eating Cuckolds Paysite Review

Paysite Review 
Cum Eating Cuckolds porn site is full of cheating wives doing their sexual practice right before the eyes of their poor husbands. These submissive hubbies are forced to do really weird things like for instance sucking cock and swallow sperm of their rivals. Their wife commands and they have to obey to stay at least a little bit in the course. You can watch them masturbating based on their wife jerkoff instructions while she is fucking with other guy. Sometimes the vain girl wants to swap the cum of the rival with her husband. In a lot of time the woman hookups black guy with huge dick and the husband can only watch while she is enjoying her first or the hundredth BBC ride. Humiliation and domination is the daily bread of these poor cum eating hubbies!

Cum Eating Cuckolds Suffer Under The Dominant Wives

This paysite is a really kinky place! But if you love such female domination and cuckolding fan, you will be more than satisfied. The collection of cuckold porn grows 2-3 times a week and you can enjoy over thousand of scenes and photos. You can also look forward to some regularly added bonus content from Kick Ass network. So, meet poor hubbies with mouths full of strangers sperm at Cum Eating Cuckolds!

Cum Eating Cuckolds publishes new cuckolding threesome scenes 2-3 times a week.

– 30 Day recurring access costs $24.95/month!
– 1 Month with one-time payment is for $35!
– 60 Day recurring membership is available for $49.95 every two months!
– 90 Day access with repeating payments costs $69.95 quarterly!

Extra Features 
– Enjoy unique cuckolding scenarios with cum swapping, jerkoff instructions and bisexual threesomes with horny cheating wives.
– Inside Cum Eating Cuckolds collection wait for you 1132+ cuckolding videos and 1728+ photo sets.
– All kinky cuckolding threesome content is available for download to your hard drive without any limitations.
– The only payment method available is Credit Card!
– Billing is safe and discreet. There are no signs leading to the cheating wives porn site!

Free Swallowing Rivals Sperm Porn Samples From Cum Eating Cuckolds
Karina's Cuckold Husband Eva Cuckold Dreams

Meet poor guys cheated by their wives and turning into Cum Eating Cuckolds!

Bound Men Wanked

Bound Men Wanked Paysite Review

Paysite Review 
Bound Men Wanked is a self-explanatory title of the new paysite we have reviewed for you. Meet immobilized guys in cuffs or bound with a rope, which are literally fully in the hand of dominant females. These mistresses have no mercy while they are on their hunt for sperm. They use every possible technique to disable the men from any move. After the guy cannot move the dominatrix starts her work. These kinky ladies start to stroke the dick till it is rock hard and never stop stroking till the cum shot. A men has no absolutely a chance to do anything with it. When he talks mistress gives him ball gag and returns to her loving work. This is in short the description of what you can expect inside Bound Men Wanked!

Guys Get Femdom Handjob at Bound Men Wanked

The porn site BDSM archive contains several tens of dominated men videos and photos. New additions arrive irregularly once a month. But thanks to bonus you can look forward to more BDSM and female domination content from websites like e.g. Submissed, Bondagettes, The Pain Files and others. All of these porn sites are a part of Adult Prime network. With membership you will get unlimited access to this huge network full tens of thousands of various porn niche videos. So, watch men in cuffs getting the kinky femdom handjob at Bound Men Wanked!

Bound Men Wanked adds new female domination handjob videos once a month. But don’t be afraid, you will get multiple daily updates across the network.

– 30 Day recurring membership costs €19.99/month ($20.05)!
– 6 Month recurring access is for €89.94 ($90.15) every six months!
– 365 Days recurring membership is available for €119.88/year ($120.49)!

Extra Features 
– The membership includes free bonus access to tens of thousands of porn videos from Adult Prime network!
– Bound Men Wanked paysite has for you 47+ femdom handjob videos and 41+ picture sets.
– All female domination BDSM content is available for download to your hard drive.
– Mobile compatibility of the website is a common place.
– For your membership you can pay by Credit Card or Paypal.
– Payment transactions are 100% secure and not traceable to kinky femdom handjobs!

Free Femdom Handjob Porn Samples From Bound Men Wanked
Femdom handjob on the cart in warehouse Tied up guy gets sexy dominating femdom

Watch naughty dominatrix giving handjobs to their slaves at Bound Men Wanked!

Fetish Prime

Fetish Prime Paysite Review

Paysite Review 
Fetish Prime is place full of all weird kinks you can imagine. All your favorite fetish treats in one place all filmed in ultra HD 4K quality to show highest details of every kinky scene. The variety of kinks is really excellent. Rimming or pissing scenes for all fans of the dirty mess will present you hot sexy girls. You wouldn’t tell this about them. They drink piss and lick sweaty assholes of other girls and boys. If you love gynecology tools, you will love gyno fetishism scenes full doctor exams. In this part of Fetish Prime you will see for example every detail of the vagina wide open with speculums and other detailed views.

What is your Fetish?

Fetish Prime has also a lot of female domination. Hot dominas enjoy torturing their sex slaves with trampling, ball busting and cock torture and using many other techniques to enjoy their domination. Meet subtle girls with asses red from spanking and whipping and enjoying pleasure and pain at once. Watch poor sex slaves with enema in their asses and pussies or getting their holes filled with strange objects. You will also love kinky chicks who like to masturbate with everything they can find at home including for instance vacuum cleaner.

Fetish Prime Is Home Of All Kinks

Next what you can see on Fetish Prime is also foot worship and every possible kind of submission. We could continue for next hour with naming all kind of fetishism techniques, that you can enjoy inside. The site is a smaller one with only tens of videos. But all of them are unique and worth seeing. More kinky videos you can enjoy thanks to bonus access to Adult Prime. This platform contains not only fetishism videos, but also tens of thousands various niche porn videos. That means enough porn for all your life. So, reveal your main fetish orientation at Fetish Prime!

Fetish Prime adds new fetishism videos based on inconsistent update schedule. But you can look forward to huge daily updates in the bonus network.

– 30 Day Fetish Prime recurring access you can have for €19.99/month ($20)!
– 12 Month recurring membership costs €119.88/year ($120)!

Extra Features 
– With membership comes bonus in a form of unlimited access to entire Adult Prime platform!
– Inside Fetish Prime collection you will find 49+ kinky fetishism videos and 49+ photo galleries.
– Unlimited downloads are included with your membership.
– Mobile compatibility of the site is o.k.
– You can pay with Credit Card or Paypal.
– Payment transactions use highest encryption to achieve higher level of security.
– Billing is safe and discreet!

Free Weird Fetishism Porn Samples From Fetish Prime
Dirty Gunther loves ballbusting Breakfast in every hole

So, reveal now what is your fetish at Fetish Prime!

The Pain Files

The Pain Files Paysite Review

Paysite Review 
The Pain Files is an extreme BDSM paysite, which became a part of Adult Prime network. Thanks to it you will have also access to several other BDSM and fetish oriented porn sites like for instance Submissed. But the content of the network covers also other main porn niches. The Pain Files membership automatically includes access to Adult Prime network. So, let’s take a look at this extreme paysite. The site is not brand new, but has been remastered. Now you can enjoy the 15 years content being step by step published in the archive. There is already over 120 scenes published and new are added on monthly basis.

The Pain Files Masters Train Their Submissive Slaves

You will meet regular girls that you can meet every day on the street. These submissive gals are here to give entire control over their bodies to the master. Master then decides what will happen after the girl gets proper bondage. They are punished, spanked, tortured, teased with toys and sometimes even hard fucked. But these gals are a little bit different. They get wet and have intensive orgasms from the combination of pleasure and pain. The Pain Files scenes are authentic and with the network access you will not get into a lack of BDSM and other porn. So, reveal now the secret of pleasure and pain at The Pain Files!

The Pain Files adds new BDSM videos once or twice a month. Very frequent updates you can enjoy thanks to bonus network access.

– 1 Month recurring membership costs €19.99/month!
– 180 Day access is available for €89.94 every six months!
– 365 Day unlimited membership you can buy for €119.88/year!

Extra Features 
– Adult Prime network unlimited access is automatically a part of The Pain Files membership!
– The site archive contains 124+ BDSM porn videos and 106+ photo galleries!
– All extreme BDSM content is available for download to your hard drive.
– You can surf the site with all common devices.
– Paypal and Credit Card are payment options you can use.
– Billing is absolutely safe and discreet!

Free BDSM porn samples from The Pain Files
Slave stock physical Nettles

Enter the extreme dark world of BDSM at The Pain Files!

Cruel Furies

Cruel Furies Paysite Review

Paysite Review  
Cruel Furies is a female domination paysite. Weak men are experiencing here extreme punishment, trampling, humiliation and foot domination. The site is from the Graias production, the BDSM experts. Meet beautiful and cruel ladies, who love the punishment and torment of men. Inside you will find different explicit BDSM scenes. We can divide the content of Cruel Furies to four categories. First we can call humiliation. New guys are coming here to learn and find their place under savage mistresses. Extreme punishment comes when the guy is not able to adapt and take his sex slave role seriously. As punishment these brutal dominas use CBT alias cock and ball torture or whipping and canning the poor sex slave.

Experience Femdom Cruelty at Cruel Furies

Trampling could our next category. It could be named as weird type of reward for slaves. Sexy pin heels are crushing the slave. Is this real reward?! Next kind of scenes are foot fetish videos. The guys are forced to take care about the ladies sexy feet and toes. That means foot licking, worshipping, cleaning mistress dirty feet with tongue and so on. Judge for yourself, if it is your cup of tea. But if you are into such femdom fun, you will not regret! So, experience endless female cruelty at Cruel Furies!

Cruel Furies site receives net female domination videos every week. Archive steadily grows, but content has no dates.

– 30 Day recurring subscription costs $34.95/month!
– 30 Day membership one-time payment is for $44.95!

Extra Features
– Cruel Furies site archive contains 108+ exclusive femdom scenes and the same count of photo sets.
– All domination and punishment content is available for download without any limitations.
– The femdom content can be consumed also on common mobile devices.
– You can pay with Credit Card or SEPA Bank Transfer.
– Payment transactions are secure and not traceable to kinky porn site!

Free female domination porn samples from Cruel Furies 
You must buy a membership or subscription to see what kinkiness is inside!
Cruel Furies - Endless Female Cruelty - Extreme Men Humiliation

Watch poor men dominated by savage dominant girls at Cruel Furies!

Strap Attackers

Strap Attackers Paysite Review

Paysite Review 
Strap Attackers is a female domination paysite. It features hottest dominatrixes who love to use strap-on to fuck their submissive sex partners. No matter if you are a girl or a guy you will simply get fucked in the ass or pussy, no doubt. Due to it inside Strap Attackers collection you will see a lot of kinky men receiving the ass pumping ride hot ass hell. If you’ll be a lucky guy you will have maybe also the opportunity to stick your dick into a pussy or ass of the dominatrix.

No One Love Hole Is Safe From Strap Attackers

The hottest femdom scenes are FFM threesomes. Two girls enjoy fucking one guy or each other and other combinations. These bisexual girls really enjoy the strap-on fucking. This takes us to lesbian part of the content which has only two hot scenes. But the threesome scenes will compensate it. The Strap Attackers site is a little bit out dated and also do not receives updates anymore. Inside you will find about 170 female domination videos. Bonus in a form of free access to Evil Angel network will bring you more exciting and extreme hardcore videos. So, join now to see male whores fucked up the ass by sexy dominatrix at Strap Attackers!

Strap Attackers is recently without any femdom video and photo updates. But you can consume a lot of frequently updated content via network access which is included with membership.

– 3 Day Streaming Strap Attackers Trial is for $2.95!
– 1 Month of streaming and download you can get for $29.95/month!
– 3 Month recurring access costs $59.85 every three months!
– Yearly membership with streaming and download is available for $119.40!

Extra Features
– With membership you will have automatically unlimited access to 25+ sites from Evil Angel network!
– Strap Attackers archive contains about 170 femdom videos and approximately 130 strapon fuck photo galleries.
– You can download the female domination content to your hard drive based on membership type you buy.
– Site is also mobile devices compatible.
– You can pay with Credit Card or Gift Cards.
– Payment transactions are secure and not traceable to strap-on domination paysite.

Free Strap-on fuck porn samples from Strap Attackers 
We have no free samples right now. But you can have 3 Day streaming access for $1!
Strap Attackers 3 Day Streaming Trial for $1

Enjoy femdom actions with strap-on dildos at Strap Attackers!

Sweet Femdom

Sweet Femdom Paysite Review

Paysite Review 
Sweet Femdom is for all guys who love, when a girl is dominant and fucks them properly like a real male slut. Welcome again to dark side of porn. Femdom fetish is really kinky sexual technique which gains more popularity in these boring Covid-19 lockdown days. Due to it the bored guys here want to try something new and more exciting, something behind the common borders. Boys at Sweet Femdom want to change the usual roles in the sexual act. But sweet female domination can turn into real fetish hell in a second!

Girls Fuck Boys on Sweet Femdom

Sweet Femdom is full of cute girls who love to be bad and make mean fetish things to men. Maybe it is type of revenge. But as you will see, it will turn these submissive boys on. It can start with little handjob. And can continue with face sitting where guy must simply get all the sticky mess from sexy girls ass and pussy. But the punishment does not end. The girls use toys like dildos or butt plugs to tease men ass during the handjob. Scenarios have really huge variations. The dirtiest one is for example threesome scenes where two girls with strap-on fuck a guys ass and mouth in one moment. So, Guys, don’t forget! Sweet Femdom is what you came for!

If you love also other porn niches, you will appreciate the bonus in a form of free access to Adult Prime network! Get your ass on fire with Sweet Femdom!

Sweet Femdom pay site receives updates full of girls fucking and dominating men once a month. In addition you can count with daily updates across the bonus network.

– 30 Day recurring membership you can have for €19.99/month ($20.05)!
– 6 Month access is available for €89.94 ($90.15) half-yearly!
– 365 Days recurring membership costs €119.88/year ($120.49)!

Extra Features
– With membership you will have automatically free unlimited access to the whole Adult Prime network!
– Sweet Femdom has already sufficient collection which contains 457+ femdom fetish videos and 458+ female domination photo galleries.
– You can look forward also to a lot of scenes which won one or multiple awards.
– All fetish content is available for download to your hard drive without any limitations.
– Payment options are Paypal and Credit Card.
– Billing transactions are secure and not traceable to female domination paysite!

Free female domination samples from Sweet Femdom
Two girls dominate and fuck a guy on a couch

See submissive men fucked hard and deep by ruthless mistresses at Sweet Femdom!